Corporate Security Department

Corporate Security Department was established in 2017 and sponsored by GMK Norilsky Nikel, a public company.

The decision to establish the Department was based on the analysis of threats and modern trends in the corporate security sphere. The analysis demonstrated both the growing importance of activities in that area and the topicality of using science-based methods aimed at increasing the efficiency of corporate security.

Today, big business faces an ever evolving set of challenges and threats caused both by geopolitical and essentially internal corporate factors. In that environment corporate protection is going through significant changes and, actually, is becoming an integral part of the national economic security system. First and foremost, the above relates to enterprises of strategic importance for the national economy.

In this connection, of special importance is the subject of theory and methods intended to support public-private partnerships in the sphere of providing security for strategic enterprises and their locations. Nornikel’s vast and varied experience in this area would be very interesting and useful to study.

Such fields as compliance, ensuring zero corruption, information security, countering threats of terror attacks (including cyber-attacks against infrastructure facilities and technological processes) are becoming ever more important in terms of science research.

Establishing the Corporate Security Department will enable the most modern approaches in those spheres to be systematized. This will also enable for the study and dissemination of advanced standards already implemented by national and world economy leaders. The research subjects will cover all key trends in corporate security, including economic, facility, internal, and information.

A stand-alone and principally new segment in the Department’s activities will be international cooperation. In addition to students’ acquiring valuable experience, practical socio-economic benefits are expected: combatting supranational crime and threats of international terrorism.

In these fields, Nornikel has accumulated valuable experience based on the interaction with the International Platinum Group Metals Association, cooperation with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the International Information Security Research Consortium (IISRC).

As well, there will be attention paid to the theory and practice of combatting unfair competition.

Last update — February 2021

Head of Department

Vladislav Gasumyanov Vladislav Gasumyanov

Ph.D. in Economics