Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Wildlife Management

The idea of establishing a department in MGIMO that would provide a more systematic approach to research in natural resources management, environment and international ecological policy and teaching them belongs to Ruslan Aliev, PhD in economics, and Vice-Rector Artyom Malgin, PhD in Political Science. The project received the active support from the Rector Anatoly Torkunov and was immediately brought before the Academic Board.

In November 2010 the MGIMO Academic Board decided to establish the Department of Integrated International Ecological Problems and Wildlife Management.

Gennady Tolstopyatenko, PhD in Law, the Dean of the School of International Law, and Valery Salygin, PhD in Technical Sciences, corresponding member of the RAS, the Director of MIEP MGIMO, played a special role in formation of the Department and its research credentials.

The establishment of the Department is very timely. First of all, the ecological dimension of international relations is a very promising, though not very well studied area of research. Secondly, the demand for experts with background in economics and ecology is going to grow in the future. Thirdly, research in ecology helps internationalise MGIMO more rapidly. MGIMO became the first Russian University which trains unique experts in international relations and ecology.

Our graduates are experts who possess all the necessary knowledge in ecology and natural resources management while having the first-class training in environmental economics, international ecological policy, environmental law, management, etc., being fluent in at least two foreign languages and having gone through diplomatic training.

During four-year BA programme the students of the School of Applied Economics and Commerce specialised in Ecology and Wildlife Management master more than 30 specific subjects, including:

  • Protection of the Environment
  • Methods of Environmental Research
  • Theory of Spheres of Earth
  • Environmental Issues of World Fuel & Energy Sector
  • Geo-ecology
  • Man-made Systems and Environmental Risks
  • Alternative Energy (in the context of international economic relations)
  • Environmental Management and Audit
  • Environmental Policy

It took five years to shape the team of experts who are now working at the Department. Today we have truly the best professors who are real experts in various fields.

Apart from conventional classes, our students regularly visit lectures, seminars and workshops of diplomats from the MFA, governmental officials, businessmen and NGO workers, as well as professors from abroad. The students usually take part in international research projects, negotiations simulations on environmental issues, doing case-studies etc.

To improve the quality of training in 2013 we have opened a fully-fledged Laboratory of Geo-ecology and Sustainable Natural Resources Management, whose work is funded by the MGIMO Center for Integrated International Ecological Problems and Wildlife Management. This Laboratory allows us to carry out the necessary laboratory studies and experiments right at MGIMO.

Since the very first months of their studies, the students start being involved in the world of international environmental relations. Their first year culminates in the event «Environmental Aspect of the Work of the UN-related Organisations» when the students have a rare opportunity to get first-hand information from the experts of the World Bank, the UN Programmes, and international environmental organisations. The second-year students go to work in the field in various places such as Curonian Spit National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Smolenskoye Poozerye National Park, Galaktika educational and scientific facility in Belarus, ECOPARK facility in the Crimea, the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The third- and fourth-year students take their internships in the offices of multilateral environmental cooperation of the Russian MFA, the Geography Institute of the RAS, Market Economy Institute of the RAS, international environmental organisations (WWF, FCS and others), environmental departments of the governmental bodies, state corporations, foreign and Russian companies.

To enter the Ecology and Natural Resources Managements programme (05.03.06) you need to pass the Unified State Exam in geography, Russian and English (there is no additional entrance exam in English). The Department specialises in training Ecology and Natural Resources Management students.

The graduates receive a diploma of ecologist and natural resources manager with knowledge of foreign languages.

We prepare experts who are fluent in more than two foreign languages, aware of the relevant terminology and thus able to discuss environmental issues with Russian and foreign diplomats, economists, lawyers, decision-makers. They also know how to use the cutting-edge international, Russian and foreign approaches, methods and standards.

The alumni of the Department work in the environmental offices of the governmental bodies, companies, the relevant departments of state corporations and foreign companies.

Last updated in September 2018

Head of Department

Natalia Chernykh Natalia Chernykh

Ph.D. (Doctor of Biological Sciences), Professor


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