Department of Applied Economics

Entrance exams:
Russian (Unified State Exam)
Mathematics (specialised Unified State Exam)
Foreign Language (Unified State Exam)

Additional entrance exam in a foreign language.

The Department of Applied Economics was created to consolidate and develop the economic training in MGIMO. Since 2011 it has been one of the specialised departments of the School of Applied Economics and Commerce. The Department aims at:

  • developing brand new economic disciplines and incorporating them into the curricula at the School of Applied Economics and Commerce as well as at other Schools of the University. Such disciplines should correspond to the recent federal educational standards and MGIMO internal educational standards;
  • implementing innovative approaches to education which would combine the studying of major theories and how they can be adapted and efficiently used in practice;
  • shaping a new research vector for MGIMO in the theory of industries and its application in practice, as well as in the theory of commerce, applied economics, pricing, leasing etc.

The lecturers of the Department are highly-qualified experts with wide experience in theoretical and applied research. In teaching and research the Department focuses on the use of the achievements of micro- and macro-economics, which can be applied in business and economic regulation. The Department developed and incorporated in the curricula new courses reflecting the trends of business practices and business education of the recent years such as Digital Economy and Behavioural Economy.

Last update in September 2017


Irina Strelets

Irina Strelets

Ph.D. in Economics (Doctor degree), Professor

Head of Department

Mikhail Stolbov Mikhail Stolbov

Ph.D. in Economics (Doctor), Professor


+7 495 229-40-47 (inner 11-09)
Room: 3043