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BA program taught fully in English

New double-degree BA program in Politics and International Relations with Reading University in the UK now accepting applications. Find out more.

The School of Government and International Affairs was launched in 2013 as the first Russian school to train international students in English at Bachelor’s level. The School is committed to excellence in leadership, public policy and international affairs education.

For over six decades, MGIMO University has been educating professionals who serve in diplomacy, politics, public, private and nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the world. Through rigorous social and political science research and hands-on experience, the MGIMO alumni and faculty work for the improvement of public administration and social services, stand up for human rights, strengthen markets, protect the environment, and promote peace in their home communities and the world over.

At MGIMO University our prospective students will find a powerful network of peers within which they can expand their knowledge, learn from one another, test new ideas, and remain at the cutting edge of research on international affairs, public policy, markets and society for years after their formal education.

Our innovative, multi-disciplinary curriculum is delivered by top-class faculty members and prepares our students for the leadership challenges of tomorrow. With a global outlook at the heart of everything we do, the School builds on MGIMO’s outstanding strengths in international affairs research. MGIMO draws upon the resources of the vibrant city of Moscow and has a global reach, with over 60,000 alumni in more than 70 countries and educational partners from London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, New York, and Washington.

From 2018, SGIA offers three tracks of its English-language Bachelor Program:

  1. BA in Government and International Affairs taught at MGIMO in Moscow.
  2. BA in Politics and International Relations — a double degree program by MGIMO and University of Reading. Includes two years of study at MGIMO in Moscow and two years of study at Reading in the UK.
  3. BA in Global Politics validated by MGIMO and taught at the Marbella International University Center (MUIC). Includes three years of study at MUIC at Marbella in Spain and a final year at MGIMO in Moscow.



Mikhail Troitskiy Mikhail Troitskiy

Ph.D. in Political Science, Associate Professor


76 Vernadskogo, Office 4157,
Moscow 119454

+7 495 234-84-92

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