Department of Educational Work

An integral part of the effective system of training highly qualified international specialists at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is socio-cultural and public work aimed at continuous improvement of competencies, assistance to professional and personal development, formation of positive socially-oriented attitudes and active citizenship of the University students. Its implementation at MGIMO is carried out in accordance with the main directions of Russian domestic and foreign policy, in particular, taking into account the Concept for the Long-Term Socio-economic Development of Russia until 2020, the Guidelines for State Youth Policy of Russia until 2025, the State Programme "Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020", the Guidelines for State Cultural Policy, as well as international best practices.

Important goals of sociocultural and public work are the development of an effective system of social support, the introduction of innovative methods of medical and psychological work, the improvement of the socially oriented infrastructure of the University, as well as the preservation of continuity and the development of best traditional forms of out-of-classroom work with student youth, ensuring a high level of general cultural competence of the University's students. The key elements are also development of international youth cooperation, assistance in realization of student socially significant initiatives, complex realization of state youth policy and patriotic education by means of expansion of social partnership, involvement of young people in creation of effective mechanisms for work with students.

The implementation of these areas at MGIMO University is ensured by the Department of Educational Work.

Head of the department

Department of Educational Work

Khamed Khasan


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