Double Degree: BA in Politics and International Relations

The MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs and University of Reading in the UK have launched a new double-degree Bachelor Program in Politics and International Relations. The program starts on September 1, 2018 and will take four years to complete. All teaching will be conducted in English. Students will spend their first two years at MGIMO in Moscow and the last two years — at Reading in the UK (a short train ride from central London).

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded two Bachelor diplomas (degrees) — by Reading University and MGIMO.

The MGIMO-Reading program provides a unique opportunity to study at and receive globally recognized diplomas simultaneously from a leading Russian and a leading British university and get unparalleled employment opportunities in the UK, Russia and beyond. The program combines the strength of education at MGIMO with its intense foreign language training and generous amounts of facetime that students get with the leading faculty, on one hand, and the research and writing focused component of the concluding two years at Reading. Students will get instruction in two foreign languages other than English or Russian during their time at MGIMO and one foreign language at Reading University. The core of the first two years of the double-degree curriculum is composed of the time-tested and constantly improving set of courses developed for all SGIA undergraduates. At Reading, the students will choose from the modules available to second and third-year students.

Tuition fee is 900,000 rubles for Russian nationals and 12,000 euros for non-Russian nationals per academic year over the first two years at MGIMO. Reading University offers a 15-percent discount on tuition for the first cohort of students arriving from MGIMO to continue studies at Reading University in the autumn 2020. These students will be paying tuition fee of about 14,350 British pounds in their first year at Reading. The cost of room and board on the Reading University campus is currently estimated at 9,000 pounds per academic year.

All applicants in possession of a Russian or international high-school diploma are eligible to apply.

  • Non-Russian nationals should follow the application procedure described on this page under «How to Submit an Application.» Application deadline is July 15.
  • Russian nationals who have sat for the Standard High-School Exams (ЕГЭ) compete on their standard exam scores in English, Russian, and History. Applications open on June 20 and close on July 26.
  • Russian nationals who have not taken the Standard High-School Exams (ЕГЭ) sit for the MGIMO in-house exams in English, Russian, and History between 12 and 24 July. Applications open on June 20 and close on July 10.

Fifteen Russian nationals and ten non-Russian nationals will be enrolled in the MGIMO-Reading double-degree program each year.

If you consider applying to the double-degree program, do not hesitate to contact us at or call +7 495 234 8492 or +7 495 234 8473.