Department of Risk Management and Insurance

Insurance is an essential element of a risk management system, without which a market economy is doomed to low efficiency. Based on this, in order to train personnel, in September 1993, the Department of Insurance was established at the faculty of the International Economic Relations of MGIMO University. Based on the preparatory stage of the previous years, the department made a qualitative leap in terms of the professional level of personnel, the number of hours of study load, the level of educational and methodological work, and the professional orientation of students. Since 2010, in connection with the thematic expansion of the disciplines taught, the department has been transformed into the Department of risk management and insurance.

In September 2018, it is 25 years since of the establishment of the department. At its origins were insurance professionals: professors M.Ya.Shiminova and K.E.Turbina, associate professors I.A.Krasnova and T.A.Talyzina.

A special role in education and the formation of the Department of risk management and insurance belongs to the head of the department Professor Yuldashev Rustem Tursunovich, who managed to create a team of like-minded people, clearly articulating the goals and objectives of teaching new economic disciplines. Therefore, his victory in the nomination «New Economists — 90s» was not accidental.

Much work has been done in shaping and improving the teaching and methodological base. A number of programs and courses on insurance and risk management have been developed for students of special groups of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. Prerequisites have been created for the entry of student works into grant competitions.

The educational and methodical work of the department’s staff is developed in close contact with the leading insurance companies of Russia, whose central offices are concentrated in Moscow. Such long-term cooperation provides an opportunity to invite middle and senior managers of these companies to lectures and seminars to expand the practical knowledge of students and undergraduates in the field of specific practical knowledge of underwriting, concluding and supporting insurance and reinsurance contracts, claims settlement, actuarial issues and much more. Graduate students have the opportunity to do pre-diploma practice there, and after ending their studing, many of them get an interesting and well-paid job.

The cooperation of the Department of risk management and insurance with the publishing and consulting firm «Ankil» provides an opportunity for lecturers, graduate students and students to print their research papers in a number of scientific journals: «Strakhovoe delo», «Strakhovoe pravo», «Finansovy business», «Upravlenie riskom.» The researches of the members of the department significantly expands the boundaries of the taught disciplines, strengthening their scientific base.


Department of Risk Management and Insurance

Professor Yuldashev Rustem


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