Department of International Finance

The Department of International Finance is one of the oldest and leading departments of the Faculty of Economic International Relations of MGIMO University. It was established as a department of international monetary and credit relations in 1939 at the Institute of Foreign Trade, which subsequently joined MGIMO. In 2011, the Department was given its current name. The Department offers programs for bachelors, masters and post-graduate students.

Educational and scientific activities at the Department cover two main areas. The first is research into the solution of fundamental scientific and practical problems of finance, money circulation, credit, international financial and credit relations. The second, no less important, direction is the development and popularization of knowledge, its transfer to those who, in turn, embark on the path of creative research or will use the skills and information obtained in the course of training or education.

Currently, the Department employs academics and practitioners who develop the traditions of its scientific school. Monographs, textbooks, scientific presentations, articles and expert comments by the Department professors V. K. Burlachkov, V. S. Kuznetsov, V. Yu. Katasonov, associate professors S. Yu. Pertseva, V. N. Tkachev, M. V. Petrov are strong evidence of this. Professor V. S. Kuznetsov was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of MGIMO in 2010 for his personal contribution to the development of MGIMO and science in Russia.

Since 2011 the Department has been headed by V. D. Milovidov. Before joining MGIMO V. D. Milovidov held various civil service positions: advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Assistant Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Service for Financial Markets.

In 2016 the Department of International Finance merged with the Department of Stock Market. As a result of the merger, the staff of the Department was replenished with experts in the field of securities: Prof. A. N. Burenin, Assoc. Prof. V. A. Amvrosov, Assoc. Prof. V. E. Paramonova, Sen. Lect. S. V. Dyshlevsky. Prof. A. N. Burenin, is one of the leading experts in Russia on the securities market and derivative financial instruments.

Prof. A. N. Burenin heads the master’s program «Financial Economics». The program allows its graduates to become part of highly qualified personnel in investment banks, stock exchanges, broker-dealer companies and other institutions on the stock market.

Master of International Finance program is headed by Professor E. N. Levitskaya. This program focuses on preparation of financial analysts and practitioners with professional knowledge and skills in the field of international finance, designed to ensure Russia’s high international competitiveness in the 21st century.

The latest publications of the Department are: textbook «International Finance» (editors V. D. Milovidov, V. P. Bitkov), student book «International Finance» (editors V. D. Milovidov and E. N. Levitskaya), «Current trends and problems of international finance» (editors V. D. Milovidov and V. N. Tkachev).

Associate professor S. Yu. Pertseva organizes annual student scientific conferences. Collections of reports of these conferences are regularly published. Since 2016, students’ Finance Club has been functioning at the Department. The scientific advisor of the club is associate professor V. N. Tkachev. The purpose of the club is to engage students and make them contribute to the work of the Department and increase the effectiveness of their training.

The Department of International Finance is constantly expanding its list of courses, caring out research in the most important fields of international finance and applying the latest knowledge and information to the teaching process.


Department of International Finance

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