Military Training Department

MGIMO Military Training Department was established in 1944. Since then the Department has trained hundreds of highly qualified reservists, mainly in the field of linguistic support. The Department is headed by Ivan Marushchak, Colonel, Candidate of Science (PhD) (Pedagogy).

University students who aim to become commissioned reserve officers can apply to participate in the military training programme.

The primary course of studies includes military translation and interpreting in one of twenty-one foreign languages. The Department closely cooperates with foreign military language institutions, e. g., Defense School of Languages (Great Britain) and L’École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (Special Military School of St Cyr, France).

The faculty of the Department deliver a course «Basics on Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities» in School of Government and International Affairs. They also conduct research in the fields of linguistics, psychology, politics, history, security and defense, publish teaching aids and articles, as well as organize conferences. The Department teaching staff has designed innovative interactive multimedia techniques to teach military translation. Most of the Department faculty have unique experience in international negotiations on SALT, IRBM, space weapons in Geneva, and CFE negotiations in Vienna. Many have participated in peacekeeping operations under the UN and OSCE auspices.


Colonel Ivan Marushchak, PhD


+7 495 229-53-92 (inner 13-45)
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Room: Г-147