Corporate Security Department

Corporate Security Department (special department of PAO Norilsky Nikel) was established in 2017.

The decision to establish the Department was based on the threats and modern corporate security trends analysis that demonstrated both an increasing importance of perfecting corporate security and the requirement to use scientific approach to improving corporate security efficiency.

To-day, major businesses are facing ever renovating threats and challenges caused by geopolitical and purely corporate problems. Under the circumstances, is undergoing significant change and is actually becoming an integral part of a national economic security system. Primarily it concerns the enterprises of strategic importance for the country’s economy.

In this connection, of special interest are the theory and methods aimed at supporting state-private partnership in terms of providing security for strategic enterprises and their locations. Nornikel’s serious and diversified experience in that field will be quite interesting and useful to study.

From the viewpoint of research, of great potential are such mainstreams as compliance, ensuring corruption zero level, information security, countering terrorist threats, including cyber-attacks against infrastructure and technological processes.

Establishing the Corporate Security Department will allow organizing work on aligning the most modern approaches to those fields, studying and disseminating the advanced approaches implemented by the leaders in the world and national economies. The research will cover all the key corporate security facets — economic, installation/facility, internal, information, etc.

An important separate segment for the Department’s work will be international cooperation that includes not only experience sharing but also development and implementation of joint action in the field of combatting international crime and international terrorism threats as well as cooperation at international organizations level in order to develop a common agenda on the above issues.

In that field, Nornikel Company has accumulated a vast and worth to study experience based on the cooperation with IPA (International Platinum Metals Producers Association), with UNICRI and IISRC.

It is also planned to pay continuous attention to the theory and practice of countering unfair competition.


Corporate Security Department

Vladislav Gasumianov, PhD