Research areas

Priority research areas at MGIMO (2021)

  1. International Relations, Security, Politics
  2. International Innovation Relations
  3. International Energy Studies
  4. International Economic Studies
  5. International Finance Studies
  6. Law Regulation of Society Development and International Relations
  7. Academic Development in Higher Education
  8. Modern Languages. Professional Communication. Translation Studies
  9. New Trends in Public Policy: Transformations in Power and Society Amid Networking Communications
  10. Analyses of Big Data in Social Sciences
  11. Global Challenges in Ecology and Their Impact on Modern Societies and International Relations
  12. Religion and New Ideologies as Factors in International Relations
  13. Mass Media and Social Networking. Manipulation of Public Opinion in Information Society
  14. State, Municipal and Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance
  15. The Role Of Culture In Modern International Relations. Culture and Intercultural Relations