Tatiana Zonova

Tatiana Zonova
Ph.D. in Political Science (Doctor), Professor Department of Diplomacy - Professor

«Theory of diplomacy and 21st century diplomatic system » (in Russian and in English), «History and Theory of Diplomacy», «Russian diplomacy history», «Diplomatic protocol of foreign countries», «Diplomatic institutions of the EU», «History of Italy» (in Italian), «Political system of Italy» (in Italian), «Italian foreign policy» (in Italian).

Visiting professor:
Messina, Florence, Pisa, Cagliari Universities (Italy), Stavanger University (Norway), Diplomatic academy (Minsk, Belarus), Sukhumi University (Abkhazia), Diplomatic academy (Beijing, China), Far East University (Khabarovsk, Russia), Peoples’ Friendship University (Moscow, Russia), High School of Economics (Moscow, Russia).

Author of various publications in Russian and foreign publishing houses and scientific journals on international relations, Russia’s foreign policy and diplomacy.

Professional interests:
Comparative studies of the world policy and diplomacy. Diplomacy of the EU, International activity of subnational entities, ethic aspects of international relations, church diplomacy and cross-cultural communication. T.Zonova is also one of the leading experts on Italian diplomacy and diplomatic relations between Russia and Italy.

Speaks English, Italian and French.