Alexander Vylegzhanin

Doctor of Law, Professor The International Law Department - Head of Department

His professional experience includes such positions as Chief of the Law Research Center, Russian Research Institute of International Economic Relations, Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation; Director of the Legal Department, UNICON Company; Chief Lawyer, Treaty Department, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Russian Federation; Deputy-Head of the Representation Office of the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR in Morocco; Chief Lawyer, Department of International Relations, Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR.

He is currently elected as a Vice-president of the Russian Association of International Law. He is nominated by the Russian Federation to the list of arbitrators according to Annex VII of the UNCLOS. He is elected as a Member of the Presidium of the Committee on the Arctic and Antarctic of the Council of Federation (the Upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament). He is nominated as a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Governmental Marine Board of the Russian Federation. He is Honorable Lawyer of the Russian Federation.

He is Editor-in Chief of the Moscow Journal of International Law and also a Member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal «State and Law» (Russian Academy of Sciences) and «JUS GENTIUM» (USA).

His major research interests are: General International Law, International Law of the Sea, Legal Regime of Natural Resources, Territory and Territorial Sovereignty, International Boundaries, the Arctic. He has publicized a wide array of books on international issues, mainly in Russian. Prof. Vylegzhanin was awarded a rank of Academician by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and a Medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2001) for his book «Legal Regime of Marine Natural Resources» (2001, in Russian). He has publicized a wide array of books on international issues, mainly in Russian (more than 180).

His main publications in English
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