Tatyana Vasilyuk

Tatyana Vasilyuk


Room: 424

+7 495 661-71-22 (inner 42-41)

Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Department of Management - Head of Department

Graduated from the Moscow State Lomonosov University in 1977, then she defended her candidate research thesis (PhD) in 1980.

Completed the following research projects and intensive trainings:

  • Implementation of MOODLE in educational programs (2020), School of Business and International Competences, MGIMO;
  • Improving the effectiveness of the teaching and educational process in higher and secondary education, (2019), School of Business and International Competences, MGIMO;
  • Information Competence of Modern Teacher/Researcher, (2015), intensive training, Odintsovo University for the Humanities;
  • Development and Promotion of Research Projects in Russia and Abroad, (2015), intensive training, School of Business and International Competences, MGIMO;
  • Employment in the Russian Federation in 1992-2005, research project, 2006, ILO;
  • Trends in formal/standard employment in the CIS countries in 1990-2005, research project, 2006, ILO;
  • Report on Decent Work in Russian Federation, Research project, 2008, ILO;
  • Workshop on Market Economy, 1991, Intensive training, South Korea;
  • REFA Labor Organization and Enterprise Management, intensive training, 1996-1997, Germany;
  • International Labor Standards for Lawyers and Legal Educators, Intensive training, 1999, Italy (Turin) and Switzerland (Geneva).
  • Tatyana N. Vasilyuk has published (as co-author) the following monographs (in Russian):
  • Telecommuting in Russia, Moscow, 2004;
  • Globalization of the Economy and Employment, Moscow, 2000.

Tatyana N. Vasilyuk is an author and co-author of a number of articles and the following textbooks (in Russian):

  • Personnel Economics, Moscow, 2009;
  • Employment, Labor Market and Socio-Labor Relations, Moscow, 2008.
  • Tatyana N. Vasilyuk is a member of the Department of Management at the MGIMO University since 2016.

She teaches the following courses for the master students:

  • Personnel Economics;
  • Time Management;
  • Strategy of Personnel Management;
  • Prospects of Labor Market Development and Socio-Labor Relations.

She teaches the following courses for the bachelor students:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • People and Organizations;
  • Design-Thinking;
  • Human Resource Management in International Business;
  • Gender Issues on Personnel Management;
  • Labor Regulation.

Speaks English and Ukrainian.