Dmitry Streltsov

Doctor of Sciences in History, Professor Department of Asian and African Studies - Head of Department

Graduated from the Institute of Afro-African Studies of Moscow State University (1986). PhD (Candidate of Science) in History, the theme of thesis «The Nuclear Issue in Japan’s Foreign Policy of Japan (1980s)». Doctor of Sciences in History (2003), the theme of thesis «The System of Public Administration of Japan in the Post-war Period (1945-2001). Historical and Political Aspects». Professor of History (2013).

In the 1990-2010s he has been a visiting research and professor at multiple Japanese Universities including Hosei University, Hitotsubashi University, Keio University, and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Dmitri V. Streltsov is the Leading Research Fellow of the Center of Japanese Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. His research interests include the Domestic and International Politics of Contemporary Japan, Postwar History of Japan, Energy Policy of Japan, Russo-Japanese Relations, Economic Integration and Security Problems in the Asia Pacific Region.

The author of more than 200 academic works, including seven individual monographic books.

Since 2008, he heads the Russian Association of Japanologists.

Editor-in-Chief of Ezhegodnik ’Yaponiya’ (Yearbook Japan), in Russian. Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly e-journal ‘Yaponskiye Issledovaniya’ (Japanese Studies in Russia), in Russian. Editor-in-Chief of the semi-annual journal ‘Russian Japanology Review’, in English (

Major publications in English: