Igor Stepnov

Doctor of Economics, Professor Department of Asset Management - Head of Department

Graduated with honors from Ryazan Radio Engineering Institute with a degree «Economics and organization of radioelectronic industry» (1986).

PhD in Technical Sciences on the results of thesis defense at Bauman Moscow state technical University (1990).

Doctor of Economics defense of the thesis at Saint-Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (2002).

Professor (2004).

Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) under the program «Strategic management (administration) in the field of scientific research, scientific-technical, engineering, educational activities and information technology» (2016).

Scientific and pedagogical experience is more than 30 years, worked as Head of the Department, Vice-rector, Advisor of the University administration. Management of the master’s program «Financial Economics».

Expert in the field of content and quality of education during the state accreditation of the Federal service for supervision of education and science.

Member of the Dissertation Council D 002.138.02 to award the degree of doctor and candidate of Economics at Market Economy Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Member of the Expert Council of the Russian Federation on sectoral and regional economy (2013-2018).

Member of the editorial board of the Journals: «Innovations in management», «Economics and management in mechanical engineering», «Economic relations».

Expert of the Russian Science Foundation.

Expert of the Federal service for supervision of education and science of the Russian Federation for the accreditation of educational organizations.

Scientific adviser and consultant of postgraduates (scientific specialty 08.00.05).

Awards and prizes

Diploma of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation (2018).

Honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation (2017).

Gratitude and diploma of the head of the Russian Federal service for supervision of education and science (2015, 2016).

Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation (2010).

Scientific interest

industry, innovation, scientific and technological progress, digital economy, new industrialization, organizational platforms, investment appraisal, strategy, organizational structures, forecasting, regional economy, pricing, financial economy, efficiency, project office, blockchain, design of matching markets.