Yury Simonov

Yury Simonov


+7 495 225-40-81
Room: 4180

Ph.D. (Candidate of Historical Sciences), Professor Department of World Literature and Culture - Head of Department

Editor-in-Chief: Concept: Philosophy, Religion, Culture [Russian: Kontsept: filosofiya, religiya , kul’tura]

Graduate of the Faculty of International Journalism, MGIMO-University.

Member, USSR Union of Writers.

Contributor, International Life (Russian: Mezhdunarodnaya zhisn’; [Journal]). Writer of fiction (Jester [Russian: Shut], Gang of Justice [Russian: Banda spravedlivosti], Guns Are Derlivered [Russian: Pushki privezli], Sweet Spring Figs [Russian: Sladkie vesennie bakkuroty], et al.), science and popular science (The Origins of Spirituality [Russian: Proiskhozhdenie dukhovnosti], The Arms of Odysseus [Russian: Vooruzhenie Odisseya], The Devil’s Nose [Russian: Besov nos] et al.), collections of essays (Wise and Clever [Russian: Umniki i umnitsy]). Speaks six languages.

Author and Host, Clever and Wise [Russian: Umnitsy i umniki], Nation-wide TV Olympiad for senior pupils.

Courses taught:

  • History of Foreign Literature.
  • Cultural and Religious Foundations of Contemporary Civilisations.

Major Publications:

  1. Apprehension of Spirituality [Russian: Osoznanie dukhovnosti], in The Origins of Spirituality [Russian: Proiskhozhdenie dukhovnosti] (Moscow, 1989).
  2. And on Earth Peace [Russian: I na zemle mir], in Literary Studies [Russian: Literaturnaya uchoba], 1993, Vol. 4.
  3. Open Letter to Ivan Karamazov [Russian: Otkrytoe pis’mo Ivanu Karamazovu], in Literary Studies [Russian: Literaturnaya uchoba], 1994.
  4. The Arms of Odysseus [Russian: Vooruzhenie Odisseya] (St. Petersburg, 2003).
  5. Sweet Spring Figs [Russian: Sladkie vesennie bakkuroty]: A Tetralogy
    • Vol. 1: Great Monday [Russian: Velikiy ponedel’nik] (Moscow, 2003).
    • Vol. 2: Pontius Pilatus’ Childhood. Holy Tuesday [Russian: Detstvo Pontiya Pilata. Trudnyy vtornik] (Moscow, 2009).
    • Vol. 3: The Poor Parrot, or The Youth of Pilatus [Russian: Bednyy Popugay, ili Yunost’ Pilaya] (Moscow, 2012).
    • Vol. 4: The Great Lover. Pontius Pilatus’Youth [Russian: Velikiy lyubovnik. Yunost’ Pontiya Pilata] (Moscow, 2012).
  6. Wise and Clever [Russian: Umniki i umnitsy]: A Series of Essays (Moscow, 2012-2018).