Sergey Shitkov

Sergey Shitkov


+7 495 229-45-97
Room: Ц-017 А,Б

Ph.D. in Law Governing Bodies - Vice-Rector for Legal, Administrative Affairs and Digital Transformation

As Vice-Rector Dr. Shitkov deals with legal matters, security issues and public procurement.

Dr. Shitkov has received degrees from the Faculty of History of Moscow Region Institute named after N.Krupskaya (1992), Moscow State Law Academy (1998), the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry (International Relations, 2002). From 1990 to 1993 he worked as history teacher at a secondary school in Moscow. In 1993, he began his career at the Russian Foreign Ministry and from 1996 to 2000 headed one of the departments there. In 2000, Dr. Shitkov was given a position in MGIMO, where he formed the Legal Department of the University that was later transformed into MGIMO Legal Directorate, and became its head. In January 2011, he became Vice-Rector for Legal and Administrative Affairs. He also served as Vice-Rector for Human Resources till January 2014.

Dr. Shitkov’s scope of duties includes MGIMO legal matters, security, procurement and contractual work, property management, software and technology development, transport service, building facilities and engineer construction management and renovation.

Dr. Shitkov is also in charge of MGIMO relations with its subsidiaries, lenders, inspection and control authorities, performance evaluation of potential employees and management of the Procurement Department of the University.

Dr. Shitkov’s professional interests include the issues of educational institutions’ development in the modern conditions. He is a member of the Expert Board of the Russian State Duma Committee on property issues.

Areas of Research Interest:
Genesis and paradigm of property law; state sovereignty and people’s self-determination from the perspective of law and history.

Dr. Shitkov is the author of several scientific papers and monographs on the above-mentioned topics.