Andrei Shishkin

Andrei Shishkin


Room: 4 MIEP

+7 495 234-84-91 (inner 15-21)

Department Head, Global Energy Policy and Energy Security Department (special department of OAO Rosneft Oil Company); Member of the Board and Vice President, Informatization, Innovations, and Localization OAO Rosneft Oil Company.

Mr. Shishkin is a graduate of I.M.Gubkin Moscow Institute of the Petrochemical and Gas Industry (1985), Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (1996) and MIRBIS Moscow International Higher Business School (2002).

From 1992 until the present day Mr. Shishkin has held important managerial positions with different financial organizations, energy companies and the government of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Shishkin has several state decorations and commendations from the Government of the Russian Federation.