Valery Salygin

Valery Salygin


+7 495 229-53-83
Room: 1 MIEP

President, International Fuel and Energy Development Academy;
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
Twice winner of State Science and Technology Award.

Professor, prominent scientist and expert in the fields of energy policy and geopolitics, system analysis, corporate governance and regulation of fuel and energy industry international issues.

Valery Salygin authored over 500 academic papers and inventions, including seven monographs.

Professor Salygin was an Academic Supervisor for training over fifty Doctors and Candidates of Science.

Valery Salygin is a member of an Expert Board under State Duma Energy Committee, a member of an Environmental Safety Working Group under Presidential Commission on Fuel and Energy Industry Development Strategy and Environmental Safety, a member of a Working Group with the State Commission on Arctic Development, a Deputy Chair person of PAO Rosseti Science and Engineering Board, a member of Sustainable Development Council under PAO Gazprom Science and Engineering Board Chairman, a co-chairperson of a Steering Board with the Eurasian Information and Analysis Consortium.

Awards, commendations and honorary titles:
Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 4th class; Order of Alexander of the Neva; Order of Honor; Order of Peoples’ Friendship; medal For Achievements in Developing Fuel and Energy Industry, 1st class; Certificates of Appreciation and Citations from the President of the Russian Federation; Honorable Worker of Gas Industry; Honorable Worker of Oil Industry; Honorable Worker of Power Industry; Fuel and Energy Complex Honorable Employee.