Inna Rakitskaya

Inna Rakitskaya


+7 495 229-38-28
Room: 326

Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor Department of Constitutional Law - Head of Department

In 1995 graduated from International Law School of MGIMO. Diploma with honors.

In 1995–1998 — post graduate student at MGIMO; specialization: Constitutional Law, Municipal Law.

In 2001 successfully defended her PhD thesis on «Forms of Parliamentary Control in Scandinavian Countries and Finland» and was awarded with the degree of candidate of judicial sciences (PhD).

She has been working as a lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor at the Constitutional Law Department of the MGIMO-University since 1997.

Since August 2016 has been holding the position of the Chair of Constitutional Law Department of MGIMO.

She is engaged in giving lectures and conducting seminars on the following disciplines: Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation, Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries, Constitutional Justice.

She specializes in Comparative Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries, Constitutional Law of Nordic countries.

Has wide experience working as international observer on elections campaigns (presidential and parliamentary) in several countries.

A member of the Editorial Board of the law series Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries at MGIMO.

Inna A. Rakitskaya is an author of more than 50 scientific articles on different issues of comparative constitutional law and an editor of three collections of scientific papers of the professors and lecturers of the Constitutional Law Department of MGIMO. She is a co-author of nine textbooks both in Russian and English.

The author of the educational programs for the following legal courses: «Constitutional law of foreign countries», «Constitutional law; constitutional litigation; municipal law» (for postgraduate students). The author of the course «Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries» on the Moodle educational platform.

In 2019, she was rewarded with gratitude by the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.