Petr Menshikov

Petr Menshikov


Room: 413

Ph.D. in History Department of Media Policy and Public Relations - Head of Department

In 1978 he graduated with honours MGIMO, in 1981 correspondence postgraduate study at MGIMO, candidate of historical sciences.

From 1978 to 1998 worked in diplomatic posts in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR / Russian Federation in the Press Department, the Press Centre, the 3rd European Department, the 2nd European Department, at UNESCO in Paris, the Soviet Embassy in Berlin, the Berlin Russian Embassy office in Germany, Consul for Political Affairs in the Russian Federation Consulate General in Munich. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the information support of the program «Intercosmos», engaged in the establishment of business relations from russian conversion enterprises with high-tech aerospace firms in Germany. Repeatedly he traveled to the GDR, Germany and Austria in teams to ensure high-level visits. He has a diplomatic rank of counselor.

From 1999 to 2016 in international business as the head of Russian representative offices of a number of Western European industrial groups and Russian commercial businesses.

Since September 2011 Associate Professor of Public Relations from MGIMO MFA Russia. Conducted workshop «Public Relations in Business» (undergraduate), «Information Policy of Russia» and «Communication with the foreign public» (Master).

Member of the Journalists' Union, the author of several articles in the specialized Russian press on international issues and business issues, foreign policy PR, co-author of three monograph.

Courses taught:

  • Information Policy of Russia (MA)
  • World Politics (Bachelor)
  • Political advertising and public relations (Bachelor)
  • political communications (Bachelor)
  • regional policy (Bachelor)