Alexei Malinovsky

Doctor of Law, Professor Department of Legal Theory and Comparative Law - Head of Department

A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Law (now – Moscow State Law University named after Kutafin O.E.) in 1993.

He graduated early of the Moscow State Law Academy’ postgraduate studies in 1995, successfully defended his thesis on the theme: "Freedom of the media: theoretical and legal aspects."

He was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of the Department of Administrative and Financial Law in 1999.

He worked as an editor of the department of civil law in the "Russian Justice" magazine, a senior researcher at the Research Institute of the problems of strengthening the law and legal order of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, an expert of the State Legal Administration of the President of the Russian Federationfrom 1992 to 2003 successively.

He defended his doctoral thesis on the specialty 12.00.01 on the subject of "Abuse of subjective right as a legal phenomenon" in 2009.

He worked as the deputy dean of the MGIMO’ international law faculty on scientific work from 2009 to 2014.

He works as the head of the department of criminal law, criminal procedure and criminology starting from 2014.

Malinovsky A.A. has been a Head of Department of Theory of Law and comparatiive Law since 2017.

Malinovsky A.A. is the winner of the annual All-Russian competition for the best scientific book of 2010 and 2014 in the category "Law". He is also thewinner of the All-Russian competition for the best scientific article in 2015 in the category "Philosophical, sociological and legal science", the winner of the III All-Russian Innovation Competition for the best textbook for high schools of 2016.

Malinovsky A.A. is an expert RAS since 2016.

He reads lecture courses and seminars on the following disciplines:

  • Undergraduate International Law faculty: "Theory of State and Law",
  • Master'sprogram for the following directions: "International Financial Law" and "International Economic Law": "The methodology of legal science and legal expertise", "Comparative Law".

Malinovsky A.A. is a specialist in the field of comparative law and the general theory of law.
Total work experience since 1993.
Experience in the profession since 1993.
Experience in MGIMO starting from 1994.

Scientific interests:

  • Criminal law of foreign countries;
  • History and methodology of jurisprudence;
  • Legal anthropology;
  • Legal geography of the world.

Malinovsky A.A. is the author of over 78 publications on topical issues of comparative Law and the general Theory of the Law of more than 150 p.p.