Igor Loginov

Igor Loginov
Ph.D. in Medicine Governing Bodies - Advisor to the Rector

In 1978, Dr. Loginov graduated from the Medical Faculty of First Moscow State Institute (now Sechenov First Moscow State University) and is a certified physician. He served as a medical officer at the pipeline construction in the Far North, and later was sent on a mission with a geological expedition to the far-flung corners of Ethiopia. In 1991, Dr. Loginov headed the Medical Department of MGIMO Polyclinic. From 1993 to 1997 he was Medical officer of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands. Since 1997 he has been working as the Chief Medical Officer of MGIMO Polyclinic. In 2003, Dr. Loginov became Vice-Rector for Social Development. He is an honored doctor of the Russian Federation as well as a holder of a Doctorate Degree in Medicine - in public health and healthcare service. His thesis topic is: “Health status, life style and medical and social rehabilitation of the students with ophthalmological illnesses in a polyclinic of a higher education institution”.

Under his leadership MGIMO Polyclinic has been turned into a multidisciplinary medical institution focusing on disease prevention, early recognition and complex treatment of both students, faculty and staff.

The focal area of the educational work that Dr. Loginov is in charge of is students’ self-government as a way of socialization. All activities of MGIMO Students Community are primarily aimed at coordinating students social work. MGIMO students’ social security is exercised through finding comprehensive solutions to students’ and faculty issues.

The overall goal of MGIMO social development and educational work is all-around development of future competitive and degreed professionals who are dignified and socially active citizens. The main aim is to create conditions for students’ activities and self-realization as well as to meet students’ needs in intellectual, cultural and social development.