Olga Lebedeva

Olga Lebedeva
Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor School of Government and International Affairs - Faculty MemberDepartment of Diplomacy - Professor

Diploma specialty: specialist in international relations with knowledge of foreign languages.

General work experience, work experience in the specialty, work experience at MGIMO: since 2003

Currently, she serves as lecturer at the department of diplomacy (School of International Relations) delivering lectures and seminars on various subjects, namely:

  • "Actual aspects of the diplomatic and consular service";
  • "Diplomatic protocol and etiquette of business communication";
  • "Institutes of Modern Diplomacy";
  • "History of Russian diplomacy";
  • "Legal framework and practice of the consular service";
  • "Public diplomacy and its formation in the Russian Federation".

She is the scientific supervisor of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in diplomacy and international relations.

For many years he has been acting as a scientific adviser of graduate students on a wide range of modern problems. These are UN peacekeeping operations, Russia-NATO relations, multilateral diplomacy, the history of the Russian diplomatic service, public diplomacy, etc.

Fluent in English and German.

Professional interests: state and business protocol, consular service, public diplomacy, multilateral diplomacy within the UN.