Olga Krasova

Olga Krasova


+7 495 225-37-25
Room: 3112

Ph.D. in Linguistics, Associate Professor. Department of North European and Baltic languages - Head of Department

Head of the Danish Language Section

BA (Moscow State Lomonosov University, Faculty of Philology), PhD in Linguistics (Institute of Linguistic Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Specializing in Danish Language and Danish Literature, Professor Olga Krasova joined MGIMO University in 1994, and she was appointed the Head of the Department of North European and Baltic languages in 2014.

Professor Krasova is the author of all the educational programmes in Danish, currently used by the department. She teaches students, studying Danish as first, second or third foreign language at all the schools and branches of MGIMO, at bachelor and master levels.

She teaches general Danish, grammar, speaking practice, listening and writing as well as the specifics of news coverage in Danish media and, political and military translation, linguistic and cultural aspects, diplomatic correspondence and interpreting.

Olga Krasova’s science researches are focused on Danish and other Scandinavian languages evolution. She is the author of the monography, several scientific publications and tutorials (total publications amounting to 48,65 printed sheets).