Vasily Kashin

Ph.D. (Cand.Polit.Sc.) in International Relations Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects - Research Lead

Associate Professor at the College of World Economy and International Affairs, Higher School of Economics

Vasily B. Kashin graduated from the Institute for Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University in 1996, later worked in the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Far Eastern Studies, «Vedomosti» business newspaper, in the Russian Information Agency «RIA Novosti» as deputy chief of Beijing office and as a senior research fellow in CAST, a Moscow-based defense industry consultancy.

Currently Dr. Kashin works for the Higher School of Economics and as an adjunct research lead at Center for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects. He also continues his work in the Far Eastern Studies Institute North-East Asia Center as a contract researcher.

Dr. Kashin published a monographic research, analytical reports and essays in Russia, USA, Singapore, Sweden, and Philippines.