Mikhail Karpov

Ph.D. (Cand.Hist.Sc.) in World History Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects - Research Lead

Associate Professor at the School of Asian Studies, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the Russian Higher School of Economics

Currently, Mikhail V. Karpov works at the Higher School of Economics, but prior to that, he worked as Assistant and then Associate Professor at Moscow State University, Institute of Asian and African Studies (1996-2011), Head of Asian Desk at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (2011-2012). He has also been a visiting scholar, lecturer and visiting Professor at Budapest Collegium (1997-1998), Central European University (Budapest) (2000-2002), Beijing University (2005, 2006-2007 and 2009), Tamkang University (Taiwan) (2013), Institute of International Relations of NCCU University (Taiwan) (2013, 2016).

Dr. Karpov has monographic researches, book chapters and essays published in Russia, China, Taiwan, Germany, Hungary, Poland, GB, R. of Korea.

His research interests include Political Economy of Transition to market in the People's Republic of China and Republic of China in Taiwan.

He speaks English, Chinese, German, and Polish.