Tatiana Ivushkina

Doctor of Philology, Professor English Language Department №3 - Head of Department

Professor at English Department №3 since 2010.
Head of English Language Department №3 since 2020.

Doctor of Philology, Advanced PhD from Moscow State University for the thesis on «Socio-linguistic aspects of English speech development (in speech portrayals of the upper classes of Great Britain in the 19-20th c. English Literature)».

Editor of the journal Philology at MGIMO.

Visiting professor at Ramapo College of New Jersey (USA) 2001-2003, 2006-2008.

Supervisor at post-graduate and master program schools for students majoring in linguistics.

Published: 81 articles, 5 monographs and 5 manuals (in co-authorship included).

Lectures: English stylistics for the master program and postgraduate students majoring in linguistics.
Fields of research interests: social linguistics, stylistics, stylization in speech portrayals, upper-class speech, English & American literature and culture, innovative methods of teaching and intercultural communication.

Initiator of a series of international video bridges and projects («The World is Small») with students from the USA, France and Japan.

Disciplines taught: different aspects of the English language.

Education: a teacher of English and German.