Vladislav Grib

Vladislav Grib
PhD in Law, Professor Department of Constitutional Law - Head of Department

Нonored lawyer of Russia, Academic of the Russian Academy of Education

Editor-in-Chief of the «Yurist» publishing group, member of the Russian Civil Chamber, Presidium member of the Association of Russian Lawyers, VP of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers,

Born in Uman (Cherkasskaya region) in 1972 to a family of a military officer. Graduated from the International Law Department of Moscow State Institute of International Relations in 1996. Founded a federal legal magazine «Yurist» in 1993; became its Editor-in-Chief.

In 1999 was elected as Executive Committee Chairman of the Russian Academy of Legal Sciences.

In 2000 was elected as the Vice President and the Executive Committee Chairman of the Russian Union of Lawyers.

In 2005 was elected as Vice Chairman of the Regional Development and Local Governance Committee of the Civil Chamber.

Has been holding the position of a Presidium member and Vice Chairman of the Board of the Association of Russian Lawyers since 2005.

Since 2006 a member of the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation; 1st Vice Chairman of the Secretary of the Civil Chamber 2012-2014.

Vice principal of Moscow University of Culture and Arts 2006-2010.

Editor-in-Chief of the «Man and Law» magazine since 2007.

In 2007 was elected as Chairman of the National Human Rights Union «Man and Law».

2008-2018 Head of the Department of Civil Society of Moscow State University of International Relations.

Vice President of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers since 2009.

2009-2014 board member of OAO «Pivovarennaya Kompaniya Baltika».

Holds a PhD in Law since 2011. Thesis: ‘Government authorities and civil society interaction in the Russian Federation’.

In 2016 was elected as Chairman of the National NGO ‘Russian Professorial Assembly’,

Personal representative of the OSCE Chairman for countering racism, xenophobia, and discrimination in 2018.

2018-2022 Head of the Department of Legal Foundations of Administration.

Since 2022 Head of the Department of Constitutional Law

Vladislav V.Grib has published over 170 academic works focusing on civil society, public control, human rights, municipal law, youth policy, judicial and legal reform, constitutional law, theory of state and law, etc.

The scholarly writing by professor Grib includes such books as ‘Public Control’, 2017, ‘Civil Society’, 2016, ‘Raising Public Awareness in Finance and Law’, 2015, etc.

Vladislav V.Grib has received numerous national awards, medals, and honorary certificates for his public and professional work.

Married, father of 7.

Resides in Moscow.