Galina Gorenko

Galina Gorenko
Ph.D. in Linguistics, Associate Professor Department of Spanish Language - Head of Department

In 1995, Galina Gorenko graduated with honors from the MSU Faculty of Philology, her major being The Spanish Language and Literature. She worked as interpreter at the International Department of the Center of Russian Folklore under the Russian Ministry of Culture. Supervised by Doctor of Linguistics Professor Venedikt Vinogradov, she prepared and in 1998 defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled “Peculiarities of the formation of the Rhaeto-Romance language norm (evidence from Sursilvan variant).” She has been teaching at MGIMO University since 1996.

Her academic interests include sociolinguistics, small European Romance languages, Swiss Rhaeto-Romance language. She has developed a special course “Sociolinguistic Map of Europe: History and Modernity (Romance Languages)” for students at all schools with the involvement of experts from related language departments.

Galina Gorenko has been Associate Professor of the Higher Attestation Commission since 2011. In 2013, she was awarded the state medal of the Order of Parental Glory.

She has published over 25 academic papers and educational materials with a total volume of more than 30 printed pages. Galinka Gorenko is the author of the academic monograph “Sociolinguistic Situation in Switzerland. The Rhaeto-Romance Language”; The Rhaeto-Romance Language entry in the multivolume encyclopedia “Languages of the World” issued by the RAS Institute of Linguistics; textbooks “The Spanish Language. International Journalism. Levels A2–B1”, and “The World of Journalism in Spanish: Language and Profession. Levels B1–B2”; online courses “Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer” and “Those Challenging Articles”. She also acted as editor of textbooks and coursebooks “Modern Spanish. Intermediate Course. B1” (by E. Grinina, Yu. Mikaelyan) and “The Spanish Language. The Language of the Profession: Public Relations. B2” (by I. Guseva, I. Gorelaya) and a reviewer of HAC academic journals Linguistics & Polyglot Studies and Concept: Philosophy, Religion, Culture.

Galina Gorenko speaks at academic conferences (including international ones), organized in Russia by leading universities (MGIMO University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, MPGU, Pyatigorsk State University) and abroad (Colloqui retoromanistic, 1996, 2000).

She has done internships at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Soria (Spain, 2006, 2007), at ESADE business school (Barcelona, Spain, 2010), CELEI language center (Granada, Spain, 2013), Complutense University (Madrid, Spain, 2016, 2019), University of Alicante (2019).

Advanced training programs:

  • TV and Online Journalism, RT School, 2023;
  • Digital Journalism, MGIMO University, 2022;
  • Teaching Spanish during senior years at universities for professional training of future diplomats and experts in international relations, MGIMO University, 2020;
  • Erasmus +, Complutense University, Madrid, 2017;
  • Methods of teaching Spanish as a second foreign language, levels A1–B1, MGIMO University, 2017;
  • Complutense University, Madrid, July 2016;
  • A series of master classes on economic translation, MGIMO University, 2013;
  • DELE preparation course, Cervantes Institute, 2010;
  • Methods of teaching at 3rd and 4th years, MGIMO University, 2007;
  • Spanish language in media, MGIMO University, 2005.

Main publications:

  • Sociolingvisticheskaya situaciya v Shvejcarii: retoromanskij yazyk [Sociolinguistic situation in Switzerland: The Rhaeto-Romance Language, in Russian]/ G.M.Gorenko; MGIMO, kaf. romanskih yaz. — M. MGIMO-Universitet, 1998
  • K probleme variativnosti retoromanskogo yazyka SHvejcarii. Stat'ya [On variability of the Rhaeto-Romance language, in Russian]// Aktual'nye problemy romanistiki. — Smolensk, SGPU, 1998
  • Svoeobrazie realizacii vido-vremennyh otnoshenij v sisteme retoromanskogo glagola (na materiale sursil'vanskogo varianta). Stat'ya [Peculiarities of tense-aspect relations of a verb in Rhaeto-Romance — evidence from Sursilvan variant, in Russian]// M.: INION RAN 29.10.98 — №53985
  • Problemy razvitiya retoromanskogo yazyka Shvejcarii. Stat'ya [Issues related to the development of the Rhaeto-Romance language in Switzerland, in Russian] // Aktual'nye problemy sovremennoj lingvistiki. — M.: RAN IYA, 1999
  • Formirovanie normativnoj grammatiki retoromanskogo yazyka Shvejcarii. Stat'ya [Formation of prescriptive grammar of the Rhaeto-Romance language in Switzerland, in Russian]// Voprosy romanskoj filologii i prepodavaniya romanskih yazykov. — M.: MGIMO, 1999
  • Las perscrutaziuns dil romontsch ella tradiziun filologica russa. Stat'ya // Annalas da la Societad Retorumantscha". — Cuira. Societad Retorumantscha, 2000. — Ann. 113/2000
  • Formirovanie vozvratnyh glagolov v retoromanskom yazyke. Stat'ya [Formation of reflexive verbs in the Rhaeto-Romance language, in Russian] // Filologicheskie nauki. — M.: MGIMO, 2000. — №4(19)
  • Retoromanskij yazyk. Stat'ya v enciklopedii (v soavtorstve s N.L.Suhachevym) [The Rhaeto-Romance language. An entry in the encyclopedia, in Russian] // YAzyki mira: Romanskie yazyki. — M.: RAN IYA, 2001
  • Retoromanskij yazyk. Sverhslozhnye formy v sisteme sursil'vanskogo glagola. Stat'ya [The Rhaeto-Romance language. Hypercomplex forms in the system of a Sursilvan verb, in Russian] // Filologicheskie nauki. — M.: MGIMO, 2004. — №17(32)
  • Aktual'nye voprosy prepodavaniya yazyka special'nosti. Stat'ya [Relevant challenges of teaching the language of profession, in Russian] // Filologicheskie nauki. — M.: MGIMO, 2007. — №27(42)
  • Pamyati zasluzhennogo deyatelya nauki RF professora V.S.Vinogradova. Stat'ya [To the memory of the distinguished Russian academic Professor Venedikt Vinogradov, in Russian]// Inostrannye yazyki: teoriya i praktika. — 2009. — №3-4
  • Ispanskij yazyk: mezhdunarodnaya zhurnalistika: ucheb. posobie. Urovni A2-B1 [Spanish language: international journalism, coursebook, levels A2-B1] / G.M.Gorenko. MGIMO, kaf. isp. yaz. — M.: MGIMO-Universitet, 2010
  • Rol' religioznogo faktora v stanovlenii pis'mennoj normy retoromanskogo yazyka SHvejcarii. Stat'ya [Role of religion in establishment of a written norm in the Rhaeto-Romance language in Switzerland, in Russian]// Minoritarnye yazyki Evrazii. Problemy yazykovyh kontaktov. — M.: RAN IYA, 2009
  • Ratoromanisch in Russland. Article // Religion & Gesellschaft in Ost und West. — 2014. — №3.
  • Minoritarnye yazyki Evropy: nekotorye aspekty yazykovoj politiki (na primere Katalonii). Stat'ya (V soavtorstve s A.A.Gorenko) [European minority languages: some aspects of language policy — evidence from Catalonia, in Russian] // Iberoamerikanskij mir: tradicii i sovremennye tendencii. — M.: MGIMO-Universitet, 2016
  • Tolerar / tolerancia: transformaciya smyslov v posthristianskoj Ispanii. Stat'ya [Tolerar / tolerancia: evolution of meaning in post-Christian Spain, in Russian] // Iberoamerikanskie tetradi. — M.: MGIMO-Universitet, 2016, Vyp. 1(11)
  • K voprosu ob istorii otechestvennoj retoromanistiki. Stat'ya [On the history of Russian studies in Rhaeto-Romance, in Russian] // Romanskie yazyki i kul'tury: ot antichnosti do sovremennosti. — M.: MAKS-Press, 2016
  • Mir zhurnalistiki na ispanskom: yazyk i professiya. El mundo del periodismo en español: lenguaje y profesión. uchebnoe posobie: urovni V1-V2 / G.M.Gorenko; pod red. G.V.Denisenko; MGIMO MID Rossii, Kaf. ispanskogo yazyka. — Moskva: MGIMO-Universitet, 2017. — 292 s.
  • «Ispravlenie imen» v ponimanii krizisnyh yavlenij sovremennoj kul'tury Stat'ya (soavtory: Bezgodov D.N., Gorenko I.V.) [‘Changing names’ in understanding of crisis phenomena in modern culture, in Russian]// Vestnik razvitiya nauki i obrazovaniya. — 2018. — №2. — S. 59-69.
  • Gorenko, G.M. Rol' retoromanskoj ligi v razvitii sovremennoj sociolingvisticheskoj situacii v SHvejcarii [Role of Rhaeto-Romance league in the development of modern sociolinguistic situation in Switzerland, in Russian] / G.M.Gorenko. — Tekst: elektronnyj // Sociolingvistika. — 2020. — №4 (4). — S. 49–61. — DOI: 10.37892/2713-2951-2020-4-4-49-60.
  • Gorenko, G.M., Gorenko, I.V. Problemy prepodavaniya gumanitarnyh disciplin v usloviyah novoj obrazovatel'noj real'nosti  [Challenges of teaching humanities in the context of new reality in education, in Russian]/ G.M.Gorenko, I.V.Gorenko. — Tekst: neposredstvennyj // YAzyk i kul'tura v epohu integracii nauchnogo znaniya i professionalizacii obrazovaniya. Materialy V mezhdunarodnoj nauchno-prakticheskoj konferencii. V 2-h chastyah. — Pyatigorsk, 2021. — CH. 2 — S. 17-22.