Ilya Goncharenko

Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor Administrative and Financial Law Department - Head of Department

Graduated from the International Law Faculty of MGIMO in 1997, honors diploma. Specialty by diploma: «International lawyer with a knowledge of foreign language in the field of law».

Proved a Ph.D. in Law thesis «Mechanism to resolve tax disputes in the UK and EU» at MGIMO in 2001.

Has a diplomatic rank of attaché.

Dr. Ilya Goncharenko has been a Head of Chair for Administrative and Financial Law at the International Law Faculty of MGIMO since 26.08.2010.

He is a specialist in the field of Russian and foreign Tax Law.

Knowledge of foreign languages:
English — fluent;
French — conversational.

Gives lectures and leads seminars for the following courses:

  • Bachelor, 4th grade, International Law Faculty: «Russian Tax Law», «Financial law»;
  • Masters’ program «International Financial Law»: «Comparative Tax Law»; «Regulation of taxation of fuel and energy complex in the Russian Federation and foreign countries»; «Regulation of taxation in the special economic zones in the Russian Federation and foreign countries»;
  • School of Government and International Affairs at MGIMO: «Taxes and Taxation», course in English.

General work experience — since 1997.
Work experience in the specialty — since 2001.
Work experience with MGIMO — since 2001.

Sphere of scientific interests:

  • Russian and foreign Financial and Tax Law,
  • Improvement of Russian legislation on a basis of the best foreign regulatory experience.

Dr. Ilya Goncharenko has published more than 30 papers totaling more than 40 printed sheets, including 3 textbooks. And three articles in English:

1) Ilya A. Goncharenko and Andrea Miglionico, Artificial intelligence and automation in financial services: the case of Russian banking sector / Law and Economics Yearly Review, Vol. 8 — Part 1 — 2019, p. 125-147. (Scopus Q3(Law)). Available at:

2) Ilya A. Goncharenko and Gennadi P. Tolstopyatenko, An analysis of the resolution regimes for failing banks in Russia / Open Review of Management, Banking and Finance, 14/11/2019. Available at:

3) Ilya A. Goncharenko and Gennadi P. Tolstopyatenko, Implications of Covid-19 crisis for regulatory regime in Russia / Law and Economics Yearly Review, Vol. 9 — Part 1 — 2020, p. 81-93. (Scopus Q3(Law)). Available at:

In 2009-2012 was an assistant to a Chairman of Moscow City Duma Committee on economy and business.

Between 18.07.2012 and 23.10.2012 was a deputy head of the Working Group to develop a Road Map «Developing competition and improving an anti-trust policy» at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, National Business Initiative.

Between 21.03.12 and 31.12.16 was an assistant to a State Duma deputy.

Between 17.10.13 and 01.10.16 was an expert to an Open Government under the Russian Federation Government.

He has been a member of the Public Organization “Business Russia” since 2011.

He has the following awards:

  • Breast anniversary sign «Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation. 200 years»;
  • MGIMO medal «For merits»;
  • MGIMO Honorary diploma;
  • Gratitude of a Moscow Government Minister, Head of the Department for foreign economic and international relations of Moscow city.
  • Gratitude of V.V. Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly for «Long-term and conscientious work».