Elena Gladkova

Ph.D. (Philology), Associate Professor Department of Indo-Iranian and African Languages - Head of Department

Subject area: Persian language

Professional/academic career:

  • Graduated from the Moscow State University 1979, post-graduate course 1979–1982.
  • PhD since 1983. Research subject — experimental phonetics. Thesis «Vowel System and Rhythmic Structure of Persian words. Experimental Research».
  • In MGIMO since 1982 (1982–1995 Middle East Languages Chair, since 1995 Indian, Iranian and African Languages Chair).
  • Associate Professor certificate — 1996. Professor — 2003–2008.
  • Head of the Indian, Iranian and African Languages Chair — 2004.

Scientific research sphere:
Language of Politics, phonetics


  • «Book of the Year (Iranian Studies in Foreign Languages)» — 2006 (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • «Ferdowsi Prize for the Best Research in Iranian Studies» — 2010, 2012 (Cultural Center of Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • Medal «Service for Motherland» (2nd Degree) — 2014 (Government award of the Russian Federation)

Most important publications since 2007:

  1. «A Course of Social and Political Translation in Persian Language for Advanced Students». — Moscow, MGIMO, 2007
  2. «Persian Language for the Economists». — Moscow, MGIMO, 2008
  3. «A Course of Social and Political Translation in Persian Language. Intermediate Course». — Moscow, MGIMO, 2010 (co-authors E.V.Semenova, N.V.Melekhina)
  4. «Teach-Yourself Book of Persian Language». Moscow, AST-Kniga, 2011 (co-author Professor V.B.Ivanov)
  5. Monograph «The Ways of Development of the Persian Language Social and Political Vocabulary». Moscow, MGIMO, 2013
  6. 15 articles on the language of politics and word formation in modern Persian.