Sergey Chironov

Ph.D. in Linguistics, Associate professor Department of Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Mongolian Languages - Head of Department

Head of department since 2012.

Associate professor (diploma 2013).

After graduating from MGIMO university (school of international economical relations) in 1999 employed in the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia and posted in the Russian embassy in Tokyo in 2000–2004.

PhD in linguistics from Moscow state university (institute of Asian and African countries), 2004 (thesis on Onomatopoetic words in Japanese).

Since 2005 teaching Japanese in MGIMO, focusing on courses in translation, economic translation, written translation. Authored several textbooks currently used in our curricula.

An acknowledged interpreter, active in both consecutive and simultaneous translation (including international conferences in Russia and Japan).

Research mainly in the field of pragmatics of Japanese language in the general framework of functional syntax, politeness theory, speech act theory and discourse analysis.