Olga Chertovskikh

Olga Chertovskikh


+7 495 225-37-61
Room: 2070
Ph.D. in Education, Assistant Professor English Language Department №2 - Head of Department

Subject area: General English, ESP.

Professional / academic career

  • 2003 — present: Head of English Language Department No.2; Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of International Economic Relations; Assistant Professor, MGIMO-University, Senior lecturer, MGIMO-University; Lecturer, MGIMO-University.
  • 2001–2003: Senior lecturer, Moscow Open Social University.

Academic qualifications

  • 2003 — PhD
  • 2000 — MA

Research projects:

  • The New Role of Megapolis in the World Economy. (Moscow Government grant: university project, co-author). — M., 2011.
  • Chertovskikh O. O. Cross-cultural communication as a methodological basis for formation of educational process at the universities of Great Britain and the Russian Federation. Thesis for the degree PhD in Pedagogic Sciences — M., 2003.
  • Pichkova L., Chertovskih O. BREAKTHROUGH. English language exam guide for graduate students. — Moscow, MGIMO-University, 2018;
  • Pichkova L., Chertovskikh O. The role of cross-cultural gender component in teaching migrant children and adolescents. — Moscow, 2017;
  • Pichkova L., Chertovskikh O. Gender component in cross-cultural communication teaching. — Moscow, 2016;
  • Chertovskikh O. O. The British university: methods, forms and content of educational process.//Human Capital. 2015. No. 8 (80). Pp. 15-20.
  • Chertovskikh O.O. The significance of the research of historical and cultural features of the universities of Great Britain in the light of the academic mobility of students and teachers.// Collected works: Topical issues of training of specialists of the international profile: Change of paradigms. Materials of the scientific conference. Editorial board: E.V.Voyevoda. 2014. Pp. 163-171.
  • Chertovskikh O.O. Historical and pedagogical bases of the system of university education of Great Britain.//Vestnik MGIMO. 2013. No.2(29). Pp. 183-187.
  • Chertovskikh O.O. Research of theoretical and methodological bases of the formation of cross-cultural communication.//Research and development. Sovremennaya kommunikavistika. 2013. T. 2.№6. Pp. 35-41.
  • O.Chertovskikh. Using films in building cross-cultural competence / From LSP Training to Professionalism. — Moscow: MGIMO-University, 2012.
  • O.Chertovskikh, E.Gasparyan. English Language: English Grammar: Act It Out. — MGIMO-University, 2012.
  • O.Chertovskikh, E.Gasparyan. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Video film Guide. — MGIMO-University, 2010.
  • O.Chertovskikh. The importance of knowing language culture in foreign language learning / Linguistic cross-culturalstudies. — Moscow: MGIMO-University, 2010.
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  • +15 articles in linguistic journals (Russia).