Tatyana Vasilyuk

Tatyana Vasilyuk

Candidate of Economics

Associate Professor at the Department of Management

Graduated from the Moscow State Lomonosov University in 1977, then she defended her candidate research thesis (PhD) in 1980

Completed the following research projects and intensive trainings:

  • Improving the effectiveness of the teaching and educational process in higher and secondary education, (2019), School of Business and International Competences, MGIMO;
  • Information Competence of Modern Teacher/Researcher, (2015), intensive training, Odintsovo University for the Humanities;
  • Development and Promotion of Research Projects in Russia and Abroad, (2015), intensive training, School of Business and International Competences, MGIMO;
  • Employment in the Russian Federation in 1992-2005, research project, 2006, ILO;
  • Trends in formal/standard employment in the CIS countries in 1990-2005, research project, 2006, ILO;
  • Report on Decent Work in Russian Federation, research project, 2008, ILO;
  • Workshop on Market Economy, 1991, intensive training, South Korea;
  • REFA Labor Organization and Enterprise Management, intensive training, 1996-1997, Germany;
  • International Labor Standards for Lawyers and Legal Educators, intensive training, 1999, Italy (Turin) and Switzerland (Geneva).

Tatyana N. Vasilyuk has published (as co-author) the following monographs (in Russian):

  • Telecommuting in Russia, Moscow, 2004;
  • Globalization of the Economy and Employment, Moscow, 2000.

Tatyana N. Vasilyuk is an author and co-author of a number of articles and the following textbooks (in Russian):

  • Personnel Economics, Moscow, 2009;
  • Employment, Labor Market and Socio-Labor Relations, Moscow, 2008.

Tatyana N. Vasilyuk is a member of the Department of Management at the MGIMO University since 2016.

She teaches the following courses for the master students:

  • Personnel Economics;
  • Strategy of Personnel Management;
  • Prospects of Labor Market Development and Socio-Labor Relations.

She teaches the following courses for the bachelor students:

  • Human Resource Management;
  • Gender Issues on Personnel Management;
  • Labor Regulation.

Tatyana N. Vasilyuk speaks English and Ukrainian.