Sergey Lobanov

Department of international law

Doctor of law, associate Professor Head of the Department of Legal regulation of the MIEP fuel and energy complex, Professor of the Department of international law at MGIMO University.

In 1991 he graduated from the law faculty of the Military red banner Institute in the specialty «Jurisprudence», qualification «Lawyer».

Academic degree: doctor of law (according to the results of public defense of the doctoral thesis on «international criminal responsibility for war crimes» at MGIMO of the MFA of Russia in 2018).

Academic title: associate Professor in the Department of constitutional (state) law and international law.

Advanced training: «Modern educational technologies in the educational process» (2014), «Traditions and innovations in teaching legal and linguistic disciplines» (2019).

Subjects taught: International law, Practical issues of international air law.

Total work experience: since 1991
Work experience in the specialty: since 1991
Experience in MGIMO: since 2019

Author of 5 monographs and more than 70 articles on international law.