Yong Kwek Ping Delivers Lecture at MGIMO

Yong Kwek Ping Delivers Lecture at MGIMO

14 October 2016

October 14th, Yong Kwek Ping, the CEO of Inventis Investment Holdings (Singapore), the largest foreign private equity fund in China came to MGIMO. During his visit, he gave a talk to students and had an interview with MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs Andrey Baykov and the Executive Director of MGIMO’s Endowment Fund Marina Petrova.

Yong Kwek Ping has been for over 16 years one of the most successful investors in China and he currently runs four funds with total assets under management of $ 6.2 billion.

Mr. Yong devoted his lecture to the latest trends regarding investments in Growth Funds and his dynamic and interactive teaching manner aroused a great interest amongst students. Mr. Yong began by asking the audience what business they might start in China. Following several answers from the audience, the businessman noted that no one ever says they want to work in investment. However, by the time the lecture came to a close, half of the students expressed an interest in working in this sphere. Mr. Yong described the specificities of private equity and explained how to work on investment projects, giving examples of past successful deals.

Mr. Yong currently plans to create a investment fund in Russia as he considers certain sectors of the country’s economy as promising. The guest has also initiated the creation of a Private Equity Education Centre at MGIMO University.

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