Springer Publishes a New Book “World Economy and International Business: Theories, Trends, and Challenges” by MGIMO Scholars

Springer Publishes a New Book “World Economy and International Business: Theories, Trends, and Challenges” by MGIMO Scholars

2 February 2023

The international publishing house Springer has published a book entitled "World Economy and International Business: Theories, Trends, and Challenges" by MGIMO Scholars edited by Alexander Bulatov.

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The book offers a comprehensive picture of the world economy, the global business environment, and international business. It combines a textbook approach with a survey approach. These elements make the book appropriate for various disciplines, including World (Global) Economy, Global Business (Economic) Environment, and International (Global) Business, Applied Economics. At the same time, some chapters would be of interest for academics and practitioners due to their research style.

The book consists of three parts. The first part introduces readers to the essentials of the world economy, including its typology, key concepts and theories, the dynamics of the world economy, and key actors and institutions. It also addresses macroeconomic and financial indicators for economic growth and forecasting and discusses major modern trends and problems, such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, patterns of globalization, shifts in global economic power, and developmental, social and environmental challenges. Human, real, financial, and natural assets of the world are analyzed, including such spheres as agribusiness, fuel and energy complex, metallurgical complex, chemical and timber complexes, mechanical engineering, light industry, construction industry and utilities, transport, domestic trade, tourism, healthcare, science, and education.

The second part focuses on the global business environment, presenting country and regional studies. It analyzes the economic systems of developed economies (USA, EU, developed Asia) as well as less developed ones (China, India, South East Asia, the Near and Middle East, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, post-Soviet economies).

The third part addresses macro and micro aspects of international business, featuring contributions on topics such as global economic governance, the balance of payments, global capital flows, multinational corporations, global value chains, international trade and its regulation and practice, international knowledge transfer, international labor migration as well as foreign aid, external debt, and business culture in international business.

The book is a part of the Springer series «Contributions to Economics», which includes innovative research in all areas of economics.

The full text of the book is available at the Springer website.

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