MGIMO At World Festival of Youth and Students

MGIMO At World Festival of Youth and Students

13 October 2017

October 14th, the largest international youth event, the World Festival of Youth and Students, began in Russia. The festival will unite more than 20 thousand young people from over 150 countries the world over. MGIMO acts as one of the key partners of the WFYS.

The University prepared a WFMS discussion program devoted to «Global Politics Agenda: How to Keep Peace» and put together an ambitious volunteer training program for the Festival. MGIMO will also hold a stand at the exhibition pavilion of the WFMS, presenting to students its educational programs and extra-curricular activities. The University’s Volunteer Center trained 150 volunteers to fulfill specific roles and over 200 MGIMO students will attend the Festival.

October 16th, in Sochi the panel on «Global Politics Agenda: How to Keep Peace» will begin, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov as principal speakers. The following five days will comprise with a myriad of panel discussions and interactive events devoted to international relations, public administration, global security issues, integration, humanitarian cooperation, globalization and youth policy.

Another direction for discussions will be the agenda of the United Nations and the projects it promotes such as the Sustainable Development Goals. The program also includes events such as the Third BRICS Youth Forum, the First International Young Diplomats Forum and a special session of the Valdai Club.

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