MGIMO Vice-Rectors Welcome Freshmen

MGIMO Vice-Rectors Welcome Freshmen

20 September 2017

In the framework of the September integration program for freshmen, MGIMO’s Vice-Rectors met with first-year students and spoke about the opportunities offered by the University.

The Vice-Rector for Human Resources Vladimir Morozov, the Vice-Rector for Legal and Administrative Issues Sergey Shitkov, the Vice-Rector for Social Development Igor Loginov, the Vice-Rector for Economic Matters Natalia Kuzmina, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Victor Kirillov, the Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs Andrey Baykov and the Vice-Rector for Research Evgeny Kozhokin all gave talks to the audience of freshmen.

The speakers related the history of the University, underlining its specific traditions and also explained the work and specialization of each faculty and school. A detailed description of the structure and legal status of the University was followed up by an account of the research performed at MGIMO and the innovative projects it has developed.

The Vice-Rectors did not fail to also mention the rights and obligations of students, the disciplinary measures, which may be undertaken and the opportunities to apply for grants. Students also found out from the very outset of their studies about future employment and internship possibilities. After their lectures, the Vice-Rectors took questions from the audience.

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