Hubert Vedrine Talks to MGIMO Students

Hubert Vedrine Talks to MGIMO Students

4 February 2019

February 4th, the former French Foreign Minister (1997–2002) Hubert Vedrine came to MGIMO, where he was greeted by the University’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Artem Malgin. During his visit, the guest gave a talk to students of the University.

Hubert Vedrine spoke about relations between Russia and France, emphasizing the need to hit the reset button and develop new axes of cooperation, including in the cultural sphere. The guest also shared with the audience his vision of the problems French society is confronted with: European integration, illegal immigration and the impact of social media on the French «Yellow Jackets» movement.

Hubert Vedrine explained the main priorities of France’s foreign and domestic policies, underlining the need to go beyond a one-sided view of the world in order to accept its diversity. After his speech, the guest took questions from the audience and engaged in an exchange with members of the University’s French Association.

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