MGIMO Partakes in XIII Meeting of «Valdai» Club in Sochi

MGIMO Partakes in XIII Meeting of «Valdai» Club in Sochi

25 October 2016

October 24th–27th, the XIII Annual Meeting of the International Discussion Club "Valdai" will take place in Sochi. MGIMO, one of the founders of club, is actively participating in the event.

MGIMO, alongside the other co-founders, plays a significant role in the activities of the club, both in organizational and in scientific terms. Professors and researchers from MGIMO regularly write reports commissioned by the Valdai Club and manage the research programs of this Russian think tank.

MGIMO's contribution to this year's event is conspicuous. The Rector of the University Anatoly Torkunov has already had a series of interviews with MGIMO foreign partner universities and taken part in a workshop on the regional sessions of the Valdai club and issues related to the Eurasian space. MGIMO's Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin attended a meeting of the Valdai Club's Scientific Council dedicated to planning the think tank's activities and priorities for 2017. A number of MGIMO faculty members contributed to the Valdai club's annual report, including the Program Directors of the club: Oleg Barabanov, Andrey Sushentsov, Ivan Timofeev.

The program of this year's conference includes all the main international issues: the problems of the Middle East, international migration, the difficulties faced by the European Union as a model of integration, the challenges of globalization and protectionism. Over the next few days, the Chairman of the Center for Strategic Research Alexey Kudrin, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will all speak at the Valdai conference in Sochi.

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