V MGIMO Golf Championship

V MGIMO Golf Championship

5 September 2020

September 4th, the fifth MGIMO Golf Cup was held at Moscow Country Club. The First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma A.Zhukov gave a talk at the opening ceremony.

Friends and partners of the University, representatives of government institutions and corporations, graduates and foreign diplomats working in Russia gathered at the site near Moscow.

The program of the day, alongside the golf competition, included a chess session with the grandmaster, 2016 European champion, E.Inarkiev.

In the discussion veranda, the meeting "MGIMO - Digital" was held with the support of the general partner of the event, S8.Capital. The event was moderated by M.Petrova, the Director of the MGIMO Endowment. The Director for Transformation and Business Analysis at S8.Capital A.Kondratyev, the Director of the Center for Digital Economy and Financial Innovation at MGIMO E.Sidorenko, the Head of the Center for Competence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence of Lanit Group of Companies and General Director of the CleverData company D.Afanasyev, the Director of MGIMO’s Odintsovo branch E.Kozlovskaya and the Dean of MGIMO’s School of Financial Economy E.Pogrebnyak discussed the latest processes and trends of digitalization.

The "Strategy of MGIMO" discussion platform was one of the highlights of the event. The University’s faculty members and administrative staff, together with representatives of the business community and MGIMO partners hashed out the stages of the implementation of the University’s 2020-2025 Development Strategy and its application to participate in the new Strategic Academic Leadership Program. Among the speakers were representatives of the BCG team A.Stepanenko and V.Bulat, the University’s First Vice-Rector G.Tolstopyatenko, and the Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation A.Baykov. The discussion was moderated by the Vice-Rector for General Affairs A.Malgin.

As the festive program came to a close, the guests were invited to a reception held by MGIMO Rector A.Torkunov, during which the Honored Artist of Russia Anzhelica Varum and the "Stiliagi Band" performed a musical program.

The organizers of the event, the MGIMO Alumni Association and MGIMO Endowment, express their gratitude to the partners and sponsors of the event: GlavUpDK at the Russian Foreign Ministry, S8.Capital, the Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky, the “Know-How” company and K.Khanbalaev.

Several competitions were organized within the 5th MGIMO Golf Cup:

The Rector’s Competition
1. Zhukov A.
2. Kononov V.
3. Morozov A.

The Diplomats’ Competition
1. Ngo Duc Manh
2. Dang Xuang Hong
3. Bystan Jufri

The Sponsors’ S8 Capital Competition
1. Peregudov A.
2. Bolotov A.
3. Borodayevskiy A.

The Alumni Competition
1. Novikov M.
2. Pomytkin S.
3. Andreeva D.

The Open Competition
1. Shulgin S.
2. Minosyants A.
3. Mostovoy M.

The Students’ Competition
1. Borodin A.
2. Meleshkina A.
3. Komarec A.

The Women’s Competition
1. Rastrygina L.
2. Lunegova T.
3. Chernova I.

The Couples’ Competition
1. Martynenko I. / Litvinova L.
2. Kopkov A. / Sergeeva A.
3. Milekhin A. / Milekhina E.