Trianon Dialogue and Staff of the Future at Second Stolypin Forum

Trianon Dialogue and Staff of the Future at Second Stolypin Forum

23 May 2019

May 23rd, at the Second Stolypin Forum, the session «Trianon Dialogue — Engineering Staff » took place. The topic of the session fits in with the guiding theme of the Trianon Dialogue for 2019 «Education» and concentrates on the development of different types of educational practices.

The human resources potential of each country depends not only on the core educational system and its scientific and technological capacities but also on its capacity to quickly respond to the demands of the market. MGIMO’s Vice-Rector Artem Malgin, who moderated the session, underlined the importance of experience-sharing when determining the key challenges in the educational sphere and finding effective ways to modernize the educational process. The Executive Secretary of the Trianon Dialogue on the Russian Side, Alexander Orlov, gave a talk on the role played by engineering staff in ensuring sustainable economic growth.

Dominique Fache, who spearheaded the development of the unique Sophia-Antipolis technology park and headed for many years the energy company Enel, spoke about the specificities of training staff in today’s economic conditions. Euryale Chatelard, a member of the Trianon Dialogue’s Coordinating Council and the Founder and General Manager of the IT Agency Opal, shared her experience championing young professionals and implementing new initiatives. Trianon Startups — the meeting of Russian startups with French companies in April this year in Versailles is an example of a successful bilateral project. Marina Lvova, Director of Educational Programs at Dassault Systemes, described the different training programs developed by the company abroad and spoke of its plan to open educational centers in Russia and the CIS.

A number of representatives of the higher education sphere, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of Tomsk State University, Artem Rykun, a Professor of the Geology at Tomsk Polytechnic University Natalia Baranovskaya and the Vice-Rector of the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry Farhad Ragimov presented their experience in developing joint cooperation projects between Russia and France.

Young professionals and students from MGIMO’s French Club and the Junior Business Club France Russie also joined in the discussions. The Junior Business Club was created with the support of the Trianon Dialogue and is an ambitious platform for young managers and students of Russian and French universities to interact.

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