Anatoly Torkunov Speaks to MGIMO Freshmen

Anatoly Torkunov Speaks to MGIMO Freshmen

28 September 2018

September 28th, MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov gave a talk to first year students of the School of International Relations.

The future diplomats were greeted by the Dean of the School of International Relations, Yuri Bulatov, who noted that their department was one of the oldest of the university and was celebrating this year its 75th anniversary.

During his lecture, Anatoly Torkunov related to the students the history of the foundation of the University and explained how it had expanded its activities throughout the years. He also underlined the role played by the first generation professors and graduates, who helped build MGIMO’s unique reputation as Russia’s main diplomatic university.

While it now offers a wide array of subjects and specializations, MGIMO’s main task remains training highly-skilled diplomats for the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Rector went on to describe the other schools of the University and remarked that the opening of the Odintsovo campus was an important milestone in MGIMO’s history.

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