MGIMO in Top 3 Yandex Searches

MGIMO in Top 3 Yandex Searches

25 June 2019

The search engine «Yandex», in its special project timed to mark the founding of the Nobel Prize, analyzed user queries on the topic of education and gained a valuable insight on the universities Russians are the most likely to look up. MGIMO came second in this list.

The Yandex experts processed the requests of the keywords «how», «to enter», «pass» and «score» over a period from September 1st 2018 to June 10th 2019 and used a 100-point scale to evaluate their frequency, with 100 being the highest rating.

With a total of 43 points, MGIMO took the second place in this list, coming after Moscow State University. Bauman Moscow State Technical University with 35 points and St. Petersburg State University followed MGIMO.

— See the MGIMO web-site for russian version