Nathalie Tocci Presents EU Strategy at MGIMO

Nathalie Tocci Presents EU Strategy at MGIMO

30 May 2017

May 24th, MGIMO’s European Studies Institute hosted a lecture by Nathalie Tocci, Special Adviser to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, on behalf of whom she wrote the European Global Strategy.

Students, faculty members and representatives of the Foreign Ministry gathered to listen to the European expert. Nathalie Tocci began her lecture with a comparison of the 2003 and the 2016 EU Global Security Strategies, noting that while the first was drawn up in a short time, the elaboration of second one was a lengthy process as it was difficult for the members of the EU to reach a compromise on key issues.

Regarding Brexit, the Special Adviser remarked that all members shared the common viewpoint that the UK should not be entitled to preserve the many benefits of membership as it has opted for «full freedom». At the end of the meeting, the Director of the European Studies Institute Tamara Shashikhina thanked the guest for her visit and expressed hope that relations between Russia and the European Union would return to normal.

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