MGIMO International Summer School. Students’ feedback

MGIMO International Summer School. Students’ feedback

4 September 2019

June 24th to August 2nd, a summer school for international students took place at MGIMO-Odintsovo.

The programme represented two modules with lectures and master classes by leading MGIMO faculty members, employees of the Carnegie Center, the Russian Foreign Ministry, and oil and gas corporations. You can find more information on School’s website.

Students of the Summer School came from more than 10 countries, including USA, France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Singapore and Slovakia. You can find their feedback on courses, schedule, extracurricular programme, logistics and accommodation at MGIMO Campus below.

Did the information provided in your courses (including the special guest lectures) have practical value for you?

  • They showed me more than what I was expecting to hear, I don't have anything that needs to be approved
  • Yes generally. It gave me a more comprehensive understanding of Russia from the insider point of view. Consider possibly giving us an introduction to the guest speakers prior to the session so that we can craft more thought provoking questions specifically meant for him/her.
  • It was incredible to be able to listen to experts in international relations and have the opportunity to ask them questions on controversial or vague topics. It was very interesting to follow their courses, because each of the teachers and speakers had a unique and original approach to the subject they were dealing with. In addition to consolidating our knowledge of Russian foreign policy, we have been able to understand it through different approaches. If I could add one wish, it would be, as one of my classmates suggested, to have time to research the various speakers before listening to their lectures.
  • Yes, I can give two concrete examples and one more general impression: Mr. Chukov's direct involvement in the creation of the national goals in an expert committee and Mr. Samorukov's (Carnegie center) and Mr. Chukov's offer to stay in touch afterwards. Regarding the general impression: a greater understanding of the Russian point of view regarding local events and global developments.
  • My answers might not be very helpful to «improve» the module as the module went beyond my expectations thus, I can only write about how much I appreciated it. All the information I received in the scope of the classes, really do have practical value for me. I was taught a very interesting perspective on Russian foreign politics in Canada, which is relatively rare in the west. From there, my interest for RFP was born, as I discovered a very different perspective in current IR. Hence, I was looking for further learning from that perspective. Therefore, I wanted to participate to this module, as to eventually add on my previous knowledge. And the lectures at MGIMO did meet my expectations on this aspect.
  • The course with Yuri Dubinin was great sincerely; it was well organized, with a lot of details. However, the course about domestic politics could be organized.

Were there some lectures in particular that you found to be more valuable than others?

  • All the courses were necessary for me, and none of the courses was, in my opinion, more valuable than the others because I've come out of each class happy and more educated.
  • As I said, Yuri Dubinin was very great, very intellectual. Bezrukov was also very-very interesting. The course about domestic politics could be improved.

Which professors had the greatest impact on your perception of the program?

  • I especially liked Bezrukov's lecture it made me open my eyes to the future. I was very satisfied with the professors lectures.
  • Professor Yuri Dubinin had the greatest impact on deepening my understanding.
  • To begin with, I found all the professors and speakers useful in the program and possessed unique and exciting intellectual knowledge and perceptions of Russian foreign policy. Their level of English was excellent and I have no problem following their interventions. I could not quote any professor or course that would have had a stronger impact on me than the others, because I came out of every speech with a better understanding of the subject that the module dealt with, namely Russian foreign policy.
  • The level of English proficiency was impeccable; some – like Mr. Bezrukov – even seemed to have an American accent.
  • I couldn't single out one professor who had the greatest impact on me, but I found it very interesting to talk to Mr. Samorukov due to the special perspective of the Carnegie center in Moscow.
  • The English level was very good. I specifically liked the lecturer from Carnegie and of course, Yuri Dubinin.
  • Mr. Dubinin clearly changed my mind of interpreting Russia. His English was super good.

Do you find Russian language classes to be a necessary part of the course?

  • Yes, very necessary
  • I think Russian language classes are necessary.
  • Yes, I honestly think Russian classes were necessary. The more we moved forward in the program, the more we realized the importance of learning a language for understanding the foreign policy of the country that speaks it.
  • The language classes are very important to make the module complete. It is a great opportunity to practice some Russian, as the language is very important for one who wants to further study the region.
  • Russian language is very important I find in order to be completely emerged in Russia. The division of the hours of the different courses is good.

Having completed the course, what can you say about your schedule, your extracurricular activities?

  • Yes the extracurricular were excellent but sadly free time was as a result, minimal. But overall I'd say it was worth it.
  • Concerning the schedule, I found it excellent. I didn't come to MGIMO to rest at the hotel. The schedule was busy, but it is thanks to this that we were able to make incredible visits and that we were able to attend courses that were unique in their quality. I won't change anything, it was just too short!
  • The extracurricular activities were perfect. We completely visited Moscow. Very busy, however it was normal. Don't change it.

Logistics, accommodation, transportation

  • The rooms are very comfortable, the facilities were modern and nice.
  • Excellent.
  • I won't change anything about that either. My room was perfect, the service was excellent, and we had access to sports equipment easily... Nothing to say!

Is there a message you would like to pass on to the university?

  • Everything was beyond expectations and the campus is very beautiful. I will make sure to tell many people who are interested in studying abroad.
  • I would just like to thank for giving students like me the opportunity to experience this unique experience. I learned countless things, I visited incredible monuments, I met great people, I attended courses of renowned experts and I was able to live 3 weeks in a fantastic country.
  • Thank you for your lecture / Q+A session.
  • Thank you for putting this in place and providing students from all around the world with this opportunity.
  • Keep doing the program.