Study Abroad Module for Henley Business School Students at MGIMO Continues

Study Abroad Module for Henley Business School Students at MGIMO Continues

25 July 2019

The module at MGIMO for MBA students of Henley Business School (University of Reading, United Kingdom) continued this week with visits to the British Embassy and offices of leading international corporations.

July 23rd, the Associate Professor of MGIMO and Program Director of the MBA “Financial Director” Vasiliy Tkachev made a presentation to Henley Business School students, offering an overview of the Russian banking system and the country’s financial market.

July 24th, the guests visited the residence of the British Ambassador, where Trevor Lewis, Aide and Director of the International Trade Department, and Mark Diamond, Second Secretary of the Economic Department, delivered a lecture on the economic climate in Russia, and took questions from the audience.

During the three days, the students solved cases created by employees of international companies such as Nordgold, Enel Russia, Penenza and Smit Group. On July 24th, students also visited the office of Sberbank and met with heads of different departments. The Managing Director of SberDevice Department S.Markov spoke about artificial intelligence; the Advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Board B.Gurban-Zade described the main characteristics of Islamic Banking, the Director of the Integrated Risk Management Department A.Bogatov introduced the guests to risk management, describing the main achievements in this area on the Russian banking market.

Alongside their educational module, students participated in different cultural activities, visiting the museums of the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square and doing a quest along the Moscow River.

The last two days of the study abroad module will be devoted finalizing the group projects, the results of which will be presented on the last day.

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